What is an FFL and why do I need one?

Federal Firearms License, or more commonly referred to as “FFL”, is required by anyone or any business in the United States who sells firearms or transfers firearms across state borders. In every day conversation it’s common to hear of the business itself referred to as an “FFL”.ffl

Except in rare cases, such as when warranty or recall work is done on a firearm you already own, you cannot have firearms shipped directly to you, an FFL is required to handle the transaction. The FFL will then do the background check, and complete the transaction. Whether you buy online or from a private party across state borders, you will need to use an FFL. In some cases, private in state transactions use an FFL if the buyer or seller choose to do so, however it is not required by Minnesota law.

Most FFL’s typically charge between $15 and $25, while some will charge $40, $50 and even closer to $100 for their services. It’s a good idea to find a local FFL ahead of time and even pay them a visit. In my experience, they are very knowledgeable and eager to help you and may even be able to get you what you are looking for (if they don’t already have it on hand).

Once you have a good relationship with your FFL, do your best to help support them – without them, we’ll have to travel farther distances and possibly pay higher prices from other retailers.

If you have a good FFL, please share your experience and give them some free advertising right in the comments section below, we’ll add them to our FFL listing.


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