Conceal and Carry, Concealed Carry, Permit to Carry

M&P Shield 9mm is popular among open and concealed carriers.
M&P Shield 9mm is a popular choice among open and concealed carriers alike.

It seems most people in Minnesota call their permit a conceal and carry permit, or concealed carry permit which is understandable since a lot of instructors teach it that way and the majority of the country issues some form of concealed carry permit. The reason being is that some states it’s legal to open carry without a permit, but you need a permit to carry concealed.

In Minnesota that isn’t the case, we need a permit to carry – open or concealed. The law doesn’t differentiate between the two so you are free to carry open or concealed, so long as you have the permit.

Carrying concealed is more commonplace, and is also referred to as conceal and carry, concealed carry, conceal carry, CCW, etc. Reason being is that most people don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they are carrying. The mindset that ‘they will be a target’ or that it will cause a “man with a gun call” are two common reasons. For the most part, people carrying concealed just want to blend in and go about their day without any further inconveniences.

Carrying openly is probably more common and accepted in rural communities, however it takes place all over Minnesota. People who carry openly generally do so because it works better for them. It’s usually more comfortable and easier to access, and when done properly is barely noticeable to the general public (literally hidden in plain view).

In The News – Open carry has gotten a bad name over the years, primarily blamed on a group in Texas open carrying long guns (rifles and shotguns). In Texas it’s legal to open carry long guns, but not handguns, so some groups are trying to make a political point, and in doing so it’s making a negative impact across the country forcing some large businesses to make decisions on their otherwise accommodating firearms policies. Target and Starbucks are a couple of the more recent examples of businesses that have been approached by MDA (Moms Demand Action), a group paid by Bloomberg to promote anti-gun agendas. It’s important to remember, it’s not usually the open carry of handguns that cause these negative impressions, it’s the open carrying of long guns.

Back to Minnesota, and the topic at hand, it’s important to use the correct terminology when discussing carry permits, as we certainly don’t want to open up the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act for amendments. If the mindset is that Minnesota has a concealed carry permit, it will make it more difficult for those who responsibly carry openly, which will in turn make it more difficult for all of us collectively.

I hope this helps explain the differences and reasons behind the terms, feel free to comment with your opinion.

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