Hi-Point 995, 4095, 4595 Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC)

The Hi-Point pistol caliber carbines such as the Hi-Point 995, 4095 and 4595 are a very popular choice for people wanting a low cost, reliable and accurate rifle that shoots the same ammo as their handgun.

As suggested by their names, the Hi-Point PCC’s are offered in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. The Hi Point series of Pistol Caliber Carbines pack a lot into a small and affordable package that is fun to shoot with many available options to customize it to your liking. Available accessories from Hi Point include extra magazines, a single or double magazine holder for the stock, magazine pouches, foregrips, add-on rails, laser, and red dot sight, though more options are available in the aftermarket world, such as replacement sights, angled foregrips, and almost anything you can mount to a rail.

The TS series features a spring loaded recoil reducing stock, and all offerings come with peep sights, sling mounts, sling, trigger guard lock, Hi Point tool, and user manual. Various packages are available that include options such as a light, laser and vertical  foregrip. Both the 9mm and 40 caliber come with a 10 round magazine, the 45 caliber comes with a 9 round magazine. Although there is a higher capacity magazine available, reports show it does not work well and voids the Hi-Point lifetime warranty if used.

In my opinion, for around $300 new, you can have a really fun rifle that works well for anything from a range plinker to a home defense firearm, and virtually anything in between.

One thought on “Hi-Point 995, 4095, 4595 Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC)”

  1. Over the last forty five years,I have owned 100 or so assault rifles, Right now, I have an AR15, AK47, Mini 14, and Highpoint carbine in 9mm. If I had one rifle for home defense and one to carry while traveling, it would be the HighPoint. It shoots without any problems and is very accurate. It is also cheap and fun to shoot.

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