No Gun Signs – What They Really Mean

Almost everyone has seen these signs at one point or another, either nogunsat a restaurant, retail shop or other establishment.

To some, it’s a “feel good” measure and they get some sense of safety from this sign. After all, it says guns aren’t allowed, kudos to the person who put that there, great idea!

Truth is, I’m not sure this line of thought could be any more incorrect.

What this sign should tell you, is that the owner of the establishment does not wish to allow LAW ABIDING citizens the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. This sign has 0 chance of stopping a person who has decided that today is the day they are going to ruin some lives, in fact they seem to be targeting places that have no guns policies.

Schools, malls, movie theaters… all major targets of mass shootings because they provide a victim rich, low risk atmosphere to do as much damage as possible in very little time.

Oddly enough, once these cowards are confronted with a good person with a gun (legally armed citizen, law enforcement), they stop their attack and either turn themselves in or take their own life.

At the time of this posting, Minnesota law has a specific requirement for no gun signs to be compliant, however even ones like the image above serve as notice. In order to be in violation of Minnesota law, you must be notified (either verbally or visually (the sign), and asked to leave. Only after you refuse to leave may you be charged with a petty misdemeanor, in which case you’ll receive a $25 fine.

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