Can I really carry a firearm in Minnesota?

If you meet the requirements listed below, you are well on your way! Once you get your certificate of completion and submit your application to your local county Sheriff’s Department, they will have 30 days to issue or deny your permit to carry. In Minnesota it is not called a concealed carry or conceal and carry permit since you need a permit to carry openly or concealed, your permit allows for both.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
    • Must complete an application form
    • Must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm under Minnesota Statute 624.714
    • Must not be listed in the criminal gang investigation system
    • Must be a resident of the county from which you are requesting a permit, if you reside in Minnesota. Non-residents may apply to any Minnesota county sheriff.
    • Must provide certificate of completed authorized firearms training. Training by a certified instructor must be completed within one year of an original or renewal application. (624.714, Subd. 2a)

Civil Response Firearms Training LLC offers the class you need for a new permit and your renewal (needed every 5 years in Minnesota).

Our class meets or exceeds the requirements for several states, including Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, to name a few of the more common in the area. Take a look at our schedule of upcoming classes, or find out about setting up a private class.