Media Myths

I thought it was time to bust some common misconceptions often reported by various media outlets who seem to have an agenda against gun rights.

  • The Gun Show Loophole
    The media and some politicians seem to think firearms dealers can sell guns without a background check at gun shows.


    There are two places a dealer can sell firearms, their retail location and gun shows, both require a form 4473 be filled out and a background check is completed. Failure to do so is in violation of the law. Handguns and (sigh) “assault rifles” also require a permit to purchase or carry permit.

  • Facebook makes buying guns illegally easy for criminals.
    Some think sites like Facebook and Armslist make it too easy for bad people to buy guns.


    While Facebook may provide people with another outlet in which to sell/buy firearms and accessories, people still need to obey local laws. Years ago we were able to buy guns from a catalog and have them shipped right to our house, I don’t recall the insanity we’re dealing with today going on back then. FACT – Facebook pages that allow firearms to be listed have actually gotten bad people arrested. Law abiding citizens want to do good things, so they generally ask for ID, permit to carry, or permit to purchase, and meet in public places. There’s no more risk of selling a gun to a criminal via Facebook or Armslist (for example) than any other method.

  • Universal Background Checks
    Some feel this would make the world a safer place.


    This made up term is a cover up for gun registration, you simply cannot have ‘universal background checks’ without some form of gun registration. Why is that a problem? Look at Connecticut and New York for example, registration ultimately leads to confiscation, it’s happened over and over again.
    The problem isn’t law abiding citizens, the problem is violent criminals.Reality check: Violent criminals don’t obey the current laws. Murder, theft, rape, assault and breaking and entering, for example, are already illegal. Do you really think criminals are going to throw out their “high capacity” magazines or turn in their ‘assault weapons’, and register their guns?

    They won’t.
    So why are folks like Bloomberg, Paymar and Latz so amped up over getting new gun laws passed?

    They don’t want you to have them.