Minneapolis Police Sue NFL Over Gun Ban

Two Minneapolis police groups have handed the NFL a lawsuit saying their no guns policy against off duty officers violates state law.

I find that ironic, because it’s the Minneapolis police force that Governor Dayton consulted to base his decision to veto a bill that would have otherwise been passed into law 2 years ago and would have allowed citizens more protections under their 2nd amendment rights. Yet, when it’s officers rights that are being stripped away you feel as though you should have special privileges.

Sorry, but we all have those same rights – or should, under the 2nd amendment, but somehow over the years, piece by piece, they’ve been stripped to almost nothing.

The real kicker here is that partial funding for the new Viking’s Stadium is funded by the citizens, we own a piece of it yet it seems we have no say in the matter as carrying is forbidden for common law abiding folks like you and I who carry to protect ourselves from violent criminals.

Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association said; “This has nothing to do with arming citizens,” he said. “It’s only about disarming police officers.” Making it clear they were not concerned in the least about disarming good, law abiding citizens, but only to ensure off duty police officers had their rights restored at the stadium. He also said “Citizens could care less if the officer is on or off duty when a response is needed.”

Well Mr. Flaherty, we “citizens” like to protect ourselves as well and as law abiding citizens, should always have that ability to do so as guaranteed under the 2nd amendment.

Should off duty police be able to carry at the stadium, absolutely – but so should all law abiding citizens.