The .22 For Self Defense

The .22LR, one of the most popular rounds for plinking, small game hunting and Appleseed.

But is it a good round for self defense?

First, I want to emphasize that I feel there are much better choices than the .22LR for self defense, and that with proper training you could most likely shoot a larger caliber quite well. In some circumstances however, it may be but one of a few options you have available.

Some will argue that the .22LR is not adequate for self defense purposes because it lacks ‘knock down power’. In all honesty, most handgun rounds are under powered, which is one reason hollow points are popular. Realistically, the .22LR has been successful in self defense and is perhaps the only available choice for those who can’t handle a larger round as the recoil is very light and manageable.

The biggest issue with the .22LR, besides being very small, is the fact that a lot of the ammo is not reliable. If you are going to use it for self defense, it would be wise to purchase quality ammo and make sure it functions flawlessly in your firearm.

You might think I’m saying the .22LR is as good of choice as any for self defense, that’s not the case. I feel almost any round is a better choice, but as I discussed in our ‘What handgun is best for carry‘ article, the ‘best‘ is the largest caliber you can shoot well, including follow up shots.

In the end, the gun you have with you is better than the one you left in the safe because you’re not comfortable with it.

Whatever you carry, make sure you safely practice with it, and carry responsibly.

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2 thoughts on “The .22 For Self Defense”

  1. I agree that this gun wouldn’t be my first choice for self defense, but with training, it’s better than having no gun at all. Thanks for sharing your post!


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