The Gun Show Loophole

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘the gun show loophole’ in the media and it’s about to spike again.

What is it?

The gun show loophole is a made up phrase that some politicians and the media use to scare people into thinking gun shows offer a way around background checks.

This simply isn’t true.

While private party to private party sales do not require background checks, all businesses that sell firearms are required to do so regardless if they are sold at their retail store, at a gun show, the internet, or anywhere else. There is no loophole for businesses that sell firearms at gun shows. You must still have a permit to purchase or permit to carry (for a handgun or so called “assault rifle”), and… pass a background check where form 4473 is filled out and called in.

Every. Single. Time.
Not doing so is in violation of the law.

So what are ‘universal background checks’?

Universal background checks are simply a way to disguise gun registration, since there is no way to know whether or not a gun was sold by a private party without registration.

What’s the big deal?

Quite simply put, registration eventually leads to confiscation. It’s not tinfoil hat talk either, it’s actually happening right here in the United States, most recently in New York. It just so happens that the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, heads up the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns and is spending a lot of money this year promoting universal background checks. New York has some of the toughest gun control legislation on the books, and now law abiding citizens are being stripped of their rights and firearms even further, due in large part to gun registration. They know what you have, and if they don’t like it, they’re coming to take it away.

This group isn’t against illegal guns, they are against citizens owning guns, and are doing their part to make all guns illegal.

While law abiding citizens who obey laws become restricted or even disarmed, criminals will continue to rule the streets and target those areas in which they are the least threatened, this just so happens to be the very same places that gun control is highest, such as these so called ‘gun free zones’, or more realistically called, ‘victim rich zones’  which include where our children attend school.

You’ll notice a pattern if you pay attention, these mass shootings occur in places that we aren’t able to protect ourselves, “gun free zones”. These violent criminals do not want a challenge, they want to do as much damage as possible in a small amount of time. Once they are confronted with opposition they either turn themselves in,, commit “suicide by cop”, or take their own life.

So, what is the gun show loophole? A non-existing problem that doesn’t need a solution. The media and anti-rights activists want you disarmed, but don’t take our word for it – watch what happens in New York, and watch the Bloomberg bus when it comes to your town.

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