About Civil Response

Civil Response Firearms Training LLC offers valuable information, training, and experience, so you can be more prepared in your day to day life.

Private Classes
We specialize in private classes which offer a comfortable and relaxing environment as you choose the location and who you want in your class. For as little as $600 you can have a private class (includes up to 7 people), groups of 8 or more pay $85 per person.

Relaxed Learning Environment
This class will provide training and education in avoidance, home security, workplace security, technology, the safe and responsible use of firearms, alternatives to firearms, laws regarding use of force and deadly force, and so much more. Completion of the course and optional live fire portion qualifies you for a Certificate of Completion should you decide to apply for a permit to carry a firearm. The required live fire drill is at the end of class, those not interested in a permit to carry are not required to complete this portion, however I’ve worked with people with zero firearms exposure through those with police and military experience and highly recommend it.

Don’t have a firearm? No problem!
We have firearms available to use FREE of charge.

Additional costs to consider may include:
• Classroom rental
• Range fees
• Travel expenses
• Ammunition (contact us if you plan on using one of our firearms)

If you don’t have a place to accommodate the classroom portion and/or range portion, just let us know. Our company has a solid reputation across Minnesota, and have a nice selection of places to work with.

More about Civil Response Firearms Training LLC
Civil Response Firearms Training is based in southeast Minnesota and is here to provide you with the training you need, at a price that is competitive. Firearms training is conducted by a certified instructor, with an emphasis on safe, responsible firearms handling and knowledge retention.

Civil Response Firearms Training LLC is accredited by:
• Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
• National Rifle Association
• Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Our goal is simple.
Complete satisfaction, by every student, every time we teach a class.
Since we specialize in private classes, we can offer a fun and relaxing environment, and you’ll learn alongside people you already know.


Civil Response Firearms Training LLC does not grant or deny the right to carry, that is the position of the Sheriff of your county (resident) or the county you apply in (non-resident). Any fees associated with obtaining a permit are your own expense, and are not included in your class fee. Laws vary by state and can change at any time, it’s always best to consult an attorney for up to date legal information.

Thank you for considering Civil Response Firearms Training LLC.

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