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Ruger PC Carbine 9mm

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm, ours was outfitted with the M-LOK forend.

Ruger PC Carbine

When I first held the carbine I knew this was something special, it felt better than I expected, and handled its 7lb weight surprisingly well. Coming in at an overall length of 34.37″, it’s quite easy to handle. This model also has a  1/2″-28 threaded 16.12″ barrel to add a suppressor or other muzzle device of your liking. The length of pull is adjustable from 12.62″-14.12″ using the included stock spacers. One thing that doesn’t get much mention is the included M-LOK Picatinny rail with sling mount screw to be used however you see fit.

The Ruger PC Carbine has a cool feature that I really give Ruger some credit for, out of the box it not only accepts Ruger SR-9/Security-9 magazines, but also… Glock magazines with the INCLUDED mag well, nice! That’s right, you can use your Glock 26 magazines right on up to the 9mm drum or 34 round stick mags. An additional mag well is available that accepts Ruger American Pistol magazines as well. There’s talk of other mag wells being made (and some 3rd party options), however at the time this was written there is nothing else available from Ruger.

Ruger, if you read this – there’s a lot of hope for M&P and Beretta mag wells to be released.

My thoughts after firing the carbine are also quite positive. Great sight picture, the adjustable ghost ring rear and protected blade front sights are excellent. Trigger pull is nice out of the box with a nice reset, I’ll probably leave that alone. Very mild recoil due to the action I’m assuming (and probably where most of its weight comes into play).

Ambidextrous! The bolt handle can be put on either side, you can also order an extended version and run one on both sides if that’s your thing.

A small nitpick is that I did notice the Glock magazines have some play in them, more front to back than side to side, but I had zero issues and it does not seem to effect function at all.

If you’re in the market for a pistol caliber carbine for fun, competition, or home defense, I’d highly recommend adding one of these to your options. At this price point, and even higher price points, it’s hard to beat. If you’re looking for something less expensive, check out our review of the Hi-Point 995TS.

Suggested retail on this Ruger is $729, but can be found in the $500-$600 range, and even less for the original version with standard forend. Also available is the adjustable buttstock/pistol grip variant with M-LOK forend for those who prefer the AR style platform. The buttstock and pistol grip can be swapped out for almost any mil-spec options out there.